Computer-related eye problems have become widespread with symptoms like blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry, irritated eyes, and headaches when using a digital or electronic devices. 

Symptoms of (CVS) occur both in adults and children as well. Anyone who spends more than two hours every day in front of a computer screen is most likely to experience at least one of the common symptoms of computer vision syndrome which include:

  • Headaches
  • Loss of focus
  • Burning eyes
  • Tired eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Double vision
  • Eye twitching
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Eyestrain
  • Eye irritation
  • Dry Eyes

What causes computer vision syndrome?

The way our eye and brain react to characters on a computer screen gives rise to eye strain and computer vision syndrome. The contrast in the characters on a computer screen, pixels that make up Words and images on a computer, the lighting in the room, distance from the screen, glare on the screen, seating posture, the angle of your head or an existing vision problem you may have all combine to cause a huge amount of strain on the eyes. When the eye is strained, our eyes involuntarily move to the resting point of accommodation (RPA) and then rest to regain focus on the screen. These often occur when we use or after use of an electronicdevice for long hours.

What is the best approach in handling CVS?

Consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist or any specialist on computer visual care. Scheduling a comprehensive eye test and examination routine is the most important thing to do if you want prevent or treat computer visual problems. During a computer, vision examination be sure and sincere to tell your eye doctor how often you use a computer at work and at home as he performs tests to detect any vision problems that might contribute to CVS. This will help detect any visual problems that might be related to CVS. An eye care doctor is sure to prescribe computer eyeglasses if it is indicated in the result of the eye test and examination.

Recent studies have shown that computer eyeglasses is cost-effective and can increase comfort during computer use and improve worker productivity, with cost savings to employers who provide the eye wear.

Can an anti-glare filters possibly prevent CVS?

There are anti-glare filters for computer screens that are efficient but there is no guarantee that it will solve CVS problems. The much they can do is to reduce glare from reflections on the computer screen. It is probably a computer eyewear that can reduce the visual problems related to constantly staying focused as you work on a computer. To effective reduce computer-related eye strain; A computer eye-wear may be needed to help your eyes focus on your screen.  It is highly recommended to have an anti-reflective coating in your computer eyeglasses as it helps reduce reflections on the front and back surfaces of eyeglass lenses 

Will computer eyeglasses increase the clarity of the screen?

A computer eyeglass can make a screen clearer by eliminating the constant eye strain that is experienced by focusing on a computer screen.

How best can one reduce the risk of CVS?

The risk of developing CVS can be reduced by consulting an eye care specialist who specializes on computer visual care. Recent research and studies shows that having the correct prescription in computer eyeglasses is sure to increase efficiency in productivity for its users.

Are computer eyeglasses similar to safety glasses?

They are not the same both in appearance and functionality. The type of frame used for computer eyeglasses is quite different from the type of frame used for safety eyewear.

What kinds of lens will deliver the best result when used for computer eyeglasses?

The most suitable lenses for computer eyeglasses vary depending on the age of the user. People over 40 years of age is likely to have some degree of presbyopia, thus a multi-focal lenses will be best option as they provide a better depth of focus.

What are the effects of tints on a computer eyeglass?

A tint might be a good idea for a computer eyeglass if you work in a brightly lit office.

Is it important that every computer user should have computer eyeglasses?

Research has shown that virtually all computer users experience some level of eye discomfort working for a long period. People who work on a computer could definitely gain so much from the use of a computer eyewear. For those who are not yet experiencing CVS symptoms could benefit from computer eyeglasses by using it for preventive purposes. If you work for long hours on any digital device, then is important you schedule a computer visual test and examination. Your eye-care doctor can help you decide what is best and right for you.

Will my insurance take care for your computer eyeglasses expenses?

What you stand to get depends on your insurance policy. Is the cost of the computer eyeglasses covered by your insurance policy? If you have an active health insurance scheme, is the cost of your computer vision test and examination covered by your medical scheme carrier. Some companies also offer benefits that allow their employers benefit from through eye test and examination and eyewear procurement.

Will my reading eyeglasses serve the same purse as computer eyeglasses?

Reading eyeglasses are quite different from computer eyeglasses and they serve different purposes. Reading eyeglasses prescribed specifically for reading are designed to optimize vision at specific standard distances from your eyes. For computer eyeglasses it is quite different and is positioned farther away from the eyes.

Does CVS affect productivity and efficiency at work?

Research conducted on the effect of CVS on productivity and efficiency at work has clearly shown that in cases where some who works on a computer has slight visual problem productivity and efficiency at work suffers. And if nothing is done about it, it will continue to increase. Spending many hours a day on a computer implies a constant strain on the eye muscles which over time will definitely lead to fatigue and discomfort and then resultant affect productivity and accuracy. A prescription computer eyeglass can do a lot and go a long way in reducing fatigue and discomfort and increasing productivity and accuracy.

If ergonomics is good, is it the best solution for CVS?

Ergonomics are good but not effective enough to solve the problem of CVS. Certain physical postures can have a positive impact on some physical symptoms of CVS. Nevertheless, prescription computer eyeglasses are the best option and more efficient than resorting to the periodic changing of postures to reduce some physical symptoms of CVS

Will the use of computer eyeglasses worsen my eyes problem?

There are many benefits that come with Wearing prescribed computer eyeglasses if you spend hours working on a computer on daily basis. The straining of the eye as a result of excessive focusing is very demanding. This is very common among children particularly teenagers who stand the risk of nearsightedness as a result of focusing fatigue.

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