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Family-Friendly Eye Care at Royal Optix Practices

At Royal Optix, our goal is to accommodate and familiarize with every member of your family, offering eye care services that meet your visual needs. That’s why we have a team of friendly and skilled optometrists that specializes in eye care for kids of all ages.

Royal Optix service can give you the family-friendly eye care service that you’re looking for.


Whether your child is having challenges reading or you just want to know more about their vision, we will welcome you as you bring them in for test and examination. Royal Optix have an awesome customer care unit that welcomes every member of your family, helping you feel relaxed and at home with our staff.

  • Do not hesitate to take your child to a Royal Optix service center if you discover any of these:
  • If they are performing below average in school
  • If they read slowly
  • If they blink excessively
  • If they complain of constant headaches
  • If they have difficulty copying from a chalkboard or textbook
  • If they feel exhausted after reading
  • If they complain of itchy, burning or watery eyes
  • If they move their head back and forth instead of just their eyes while reading


Our staff can help you schedule an appointment with a local Royal Optix optometrist who specializes in pediatric vision examination and can recommend specialized eye care that would be the best for your child.

Royal Optix service not only specializes in eye care for children, but we can also accommodate your child’s visual needs with our wide range of children’s eyeglasses. The quality of our lenses is focused on reliability, safety, and durability. Royal Optix service has a variety of frames with different styles and colors that make children feel great wearing their new pair of eyeglasses. Royal Optix professionals can also ensure that the new frames protect your child’s eyes, whether they’re reading a book or playing football. In addition, Royal Optix service welcomes all insurance plans and work closely with you to maximize your vision care benefits by making our products more affordable to your family.

Book an appointment online, or call to Royal Optix for more information.